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This is a small sample of my footage, please visit my YouTube channel to see more. 


Highlight Clips:

Monster Floods:

Aerial Footage

The footage seen here is available for commercial use by license. I own all rights to the footage. If you are interested in leasing this footage, please email me via the contact form.

I have leased footage for programming to Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, The History Channel, and others.           

I predict, chase, and capture flash flood on video. I am fascinated with the amazing power these floods have. 1 inch of rain over 1 square mile amounts to over 17.38 million gallons of water to be drained. Some of the floods in these videos were produced when 2 - 4 inches of rain fell over 30 - 60 square miles, over a few billion gallons of water draining down one wash in the desert. These washes are usually bone dry for most of the year until the monsoon rains come. They can turn into raging torrents within minutes and are very dangerous during this time of year. If there hasn't been much locally heavy rain the floods come through looking like a tsunami with a wall of water that can get up to 5 feet high, and tear up everything in its way. This is what you see happening in these videos. I am also interested in raising awareness when it comes to these beasts. They are quite dangerous, and can come through up to 14 hours after the storms that create them pass by with almost no warning. According to a study done by NOAA in 2005, a 30 year national average showed that flash floods kill more people every year than tornadoes, lightning, and hurricanes. 

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