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There are probably a lot of you out there who said on the night of the 14th, "I will stay up to watch this eclipse" yet failed horribly to meet these expectations. No worries, it happens. Weather permitting you should have a few more chances to see it within the next two years on October 8 of this year, and April 4 and September 28 of next year.

I like to think about it like this:

Your average lifespan is about 28,000 days. Of that, you spend about 8 hours a night sleeping. So that is about 25 years of your life asleep. Lets add on a conservative 2 hours of TV a day. That is another 6 years watching TV. Then, lets say we work a full time job with 2 weeks vacation a year starting at 18 and retiring at 62. That is about 2000 hours working a year. That works out to about 10 years of your life spent just at work.

So, all together you will spend around 41 years of your life here on earth sleeping, working, or watching TV. That leaves you a mere 35 years to enjoy things other than work, sleep, and TV. Things like surfing the web and checking out my awesome site.

If you missed this one, use that limited time to experience this awesome phenomenon next time around! It may seem like a common thing now, but there was a period just before the 20th century that lasted 300 years with no "blood moons".


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12" F4 Newtonian
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