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The Trifid Nebula is a beautiful star forming region next to a reflection nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius about 5,000 light years away from Earth. This one is neat because on a dark night if you look at it long enough through a telescope you can easily start to make out the colors in the nebula with your eye. It is one of my favorite regions of the night sky and located right on the galactic plain of the Milky Way. Read more about the Trifid here:

Shot the night of 6.27.14 from Southern Utah
Atik 314L+ Monochrome at -11C
Orion Thin OAG
8" F4 OTA with Sky Watcher F4 CC
Atlas EQ-G
Nautilus FW + Orion 2" RGB Filters
L - 31 X 3min
R, G, B, - 17 X 2min
14 Darks
DSS and Photoshop