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Messier 33 (M33) - The Triangulum Galaxy

One of the galaxies in our local group of galaxies located about 3 million light years away. The Triangulum Galaxy is about half the size of our home Milky Way Galaxy. Still a massive object in the night sky it shows up about as wide as a full moon but is too faint to see with the naked eye.

Image Information:
Shot the night of 11/6/2015 from Southern Utah
Camera: Atik 414EX M @ -20C
Original Image Scale: 1.09" / Pixel
Scope: TPO 12" F4 with SkyWatcher F4CC
Orion Thin Off Axis Guider with ASI120MM as Guidecam
Mount: HDX110
LRGB (Min): 80:35:35:35 Bin 1X1, 5 Darks
Orion 2" LRGB filters
DSS and Photoshop

Seeing: ~ 7/10
Transparency: ~ 9/10
Wind: 1-2mph