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Messier 91 is a beautiful example of a barred spiral (SBb) type galaxy that just happens to be face on to us about 65 million light years away. You can clearly make out the bar structure across the center of the galaxy before the spiral arms radiate out.

Image Information:
Shot the night of 4/1/2016 from Southern Utah
Camera: Atik 414EX M @ -7C
Original Image Scale: 1.09" / Pixel
Scope: TPO 12" F4 with SkyWatcher F4CC
Orion Thin Off Axis Guider with ASI120MM as Guidecam
Mount: HDX110
LRGB (Min): 96:32:32:32 Bin 1X1, 7 Darks
Orion 2" LRGB filters
DSS and Photoshop

Seeing: ~ 5/10
Transparency: ~ 7/10
Wind: 4-6mph